Analysis of measures to improve the quality of concrete mixin

Submitted by Eliza,03/15/2016
With the vigorous development of new rural construction and concrete market, concrete mixing plant is currently occupying an important position in the market. But, due to backward technology, control system, some of the concrete mixing plants can’t adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition and the growing demand of high performance concrete, which are faced with the risk of being eliminated. Therefore, it need to carry out technical transformation on the basis of the original equipment, and replace some backward equipment to adapt to the country's new environmental policy and the development direction of concrete production. In the following, I will talk about how to improve the quality of concrete mixing plant. 

1.The transformation of control system
Concrete mixing plant manufacturer Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery upgrades it on the basis of the original control system, at present, the concrete mixing plant adopts to the automatic control system. For commercial concrete mixing plant, it is also equipped with printer, monitoring and other functions, to meet the different needs.

2.The performance of the transformation of the instrument
When buy the concrete mixing plant, the users consider the price factors too much, and ignore the internal performance of the instrument equipment. And controlling the accuracy of the instrument or not, plays a vital role to the quality of the concrete. At the same time, because of the specifieness of the production and use of concrete, once the formation of quality problems, especially used in water conservancy bridge, railway sleepers and other large facilities, it will result in the incalculable loss. The using cycle of concrete production equipment becomes shorter and shorter, if select the products with the low technology, it will be transformed every year, which not only waste money, but also the concrete quality can not be guaranteed. Therefore, according to our own needs, from the long-term consideration, we should choose the advanced equipment, which not only greatly improve the work efficiency, but also make the production environment greatly improved.