Analysis on weighing system of concrete batching plant

Submitted by Eliza,12/31/2015
Concrete batching plant is composed of mixing system, weighing system, control system etc. weighing system is one of the important parts of concrete batching plant, and is a key part to impact the quality and cost of concrete. It is mainly divided into aggregate weighing, powder weighing and liquid weighing.
Aggregate weighing generally refers to the system to weigh the sand and stone, which is commonly used in the concrete batching machine, it can be designed according to the user to complete the ratio of aggregate materials, adopts the electronic measurement, and has the advantages of accurate weighing, accurate batching, high speed and so on, which greatly improving the production efficiency of the concrete batching plant.
As the name suggested, powder weighing is to weigh the powder, cement, slag, fly ash, etc. It is also complete the ratio of aggregate materials through the control system, it also has accurate weighing. Liquid weighing, is commonly found in water and external additive weighing.
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