Environmental protection concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,11/28/2014
China commits energy-saving and emission reduction of 20% as the indicators to the world, the whole nations, provinces and cities are all making the schemes and plans of energy saving and emission reduction. In addition, in recent years, Chinese haze has become more and more serious, so the pollution control to atmosphere has been crucial. However, Chinese construction intensity also can't slow down, so the green environmental protection concrete mixing plant has become the important research direction.
We think that environmental protection concrete mixing plant should meet the following conditions and requirements:
1. It must produce products with same quality and quantity. This point is an important appraisal index of the environmental protection concrete mixing plant;
2. It must have higher production efficiency, the production and running is mutual cooperation. Improving production efficiency will reduce the energy consumption and carbon emissions of the whole mixing production system, so it  adapts the low carbon production requirements;
3. We must make an effective control to the pollutants of mixing plant, manage the pollution source, cut off the route of transmission and other ways to reduce the direct t damage of pollution to environment;
4. The equipment appearance of the entire plant is majestic, factory design planning is reasonable, logistics flow is smooth, and environment is green and pleasant. Sum it up, environmental protection concrete mixing plant should observe the principle of energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, beautiful. In this case, we will create environment-friendly energy-saving model of concrete mixing equipment.
With the development of society, science and technology, more and more people care about the world we live in, most of the countries in the world are also well aware of the importance of our human development environment. Countries are taking active and effective measures to reduce pollution and improve the environment. Energy problem is one of the most important and urgent problems, we must solve the fundamental energy problem. In addition, we must try our best to find new energy sources, and energy conservation is most direct and effective important measures at present. After our efforts in recent years, the energy saving technology research and product development of concrete mixing plant have achieved certain experience.