How to clean and maintain the inside of cement silo

Submitted by Anne,04/14/2015
In order to make your cement silo to have more outstanding performance and longer service life, the key is to clean and maintain. Cleaning and maintenance of cement silo contain the appearance cleaning and internal cleaning, and the surface cleaning and maintenance is very simple, the key is to do the internal cleaning very well. So, today we will introduce how to deal with the internal cleaning and maintenance.
The inside cleaning of cement silo is relatively complex, which needs cleaner, dust collector, arch breaking device and other tools. If there is agglomeration in the cement silo, the best way is to use a hammer or a shovel to beat off or remove the bin body caking, and then begin to clean the internal of silo.
What's more, you should pay more attention to the system equipment for cement silo, regularly check whether the filter needs to change, meanwhile you also need to ensure the deduster clean, and regularly check whether the cleaning mechanism of cement silo, and the draft fan is running normal and various sealing parts of cement silo are normal and form the habit of regular replacement. In addition, you often use cleaner to clean the cement silo, but there mustn't be any water after cleaning, otherwise it's easy to rust in the bin body.
Internal cleaning and maintenance of cement silo is a hard serious work, you can't be any careless. Only you deal well with the internal cleaning and maintenance work, your cement silo will play its full performance, and it will save operating costs, and reduce risk. However, how to maintain, I trust that people will have a cleaning sense about the cleaning and maintenance of internal cement silo after you read the presentation. I hope my presentation will bring a little help about the cleaning and maintenance of your cement silo!