How to improve the efficiency of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,10/15/2015
With the real estate market boom, the concrete mixing plant market continues to heat up. Now the production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant is gradually increased, but in the actual production, what factors affect the production efficiency of the concrete mixing plant?
1. The influence of feeding time, mixing time and pouring time of concrete mixing plant
In the process of using, the user should check the valve and related electrical components to ensure smooth operation of the machine, and also should check the connection between the powder hopper and the mixer to guarantee the feeding.
2. The normal mixing time of the concrete mixing plant
For mixing time, the user should check the integrity of the lining board, the location of raw materials, the time of delivery, and whether there is shaft holding phenomenon to effect the mixing time.
Generally we used to increase the capacity of concrete hopper or designed the hopper into storage containers to reduce the pouring time.
3. The transportation equipment of the concrete mixing plant
Based on the production capacity of the mixing plant and transport distance, the users can equip with a sufficient number of transport vehicles, not so much concrete as to transport untimely to affect the progress of the project. The concrete mixing plant developed from the original low efficiency, high energy consumption to the high efficiency and low energy consumption, technical innovation is the key, it also need to constantly maintain and manage the concrete equipment so that the equipment is in the best working condition. In the daily maintenance, we need to check the potential security risks and eliminate them to ensure the safety and efficiency of the concrete mixing plant.