How to judge the qualification of concrete mixing plant?

Submitted by Anne,02/13/2015
1.  If the mixer of concrete mixing plant is self loading type, its radial runout of discharging buckle ring can't exceed 1% of the diameter of the feeding port. What's more, you should check the vibration sieve screen quality and the reasonable size of the screen mesh and sieve pore, and check the installation precision of screen mesh;
2.  The transmission system operation of concrete mixing plant should be flexible, and there isn't any abnormal noise;
3.  The transmission of the belt conveyor, bucket elevator and cantilever dragline in concrete mixing plant equipment should be stable and the operation should be flexible, the brake can be high, there isn't abnormal noise and chain holder ;
4.  The inspection of measurement system is also very important, you should check the sensitivity and accuracy of measurement system;
5.  The feeding and discharging of measuring hopper should be smooth, and can't appear phenomenon of accumulating material or overflow ;
6.  The safety valve of concrete mixing plant can't appear air leakage phenomenon; the quality of cement tank should be qualified; the matched line installation should be reasonable, and the installation of equipment should be right.