How to manage the materials of HZS50 concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,05/19/2015
The management requirements about pile material of HZS50 concrete mixing plant are as follows:
(1) Before mixing, you should make a comprehensive management plan about the raw materials, participate in the preparation of construction organization design, plan the storage site of material, road, make good materials budget, and formulate the management goal of materials. The comprehensive planning is the premise and guarantee that the whole process of material management of the mixing plant manages orderly.
(2) The plan should be made according to the mixing stages, and raw organization material should enter by order. On the one hand, this can ensure the demand of concrete production; on the other hand, this can also prevent the waste of materials. Planning entry is the base of material management of mixing plant.
(3) The inspectation should be strict, accordance to the variety, specifications, quality and quantity requirements of materials, the material should be strictly checked, and then you can have the material receiving. Acceptance is the first pass to guarantee the varieties, specifications, good quality, the exact quantity of the entry materials, and it's also the important guarantee conditions to ensure the project quality and the cost reduction.
(4) Reasonable storage: you should store materials according to the requirements of site layout. In addition, you should try your best to avoid the secondary handling under the principle of convenient construction, ensuring the road smooth, safe and reliable. Reasonable storage is the premise of safe keeping, the guarantee for the smooth production, and it's also the important aspect to reduce cost.
(5) Control the consumption: accordance to the task assume be taken by the operator, the strict quantity consumption control according to the quota and relevant data is an important juncture to control the project cost, and it's also an important guarantee for the realization of saving materials of concrete mixing plant.
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