How to protect concrete batching machine in the rainy season

Submitted by Eliza,02/01/2016
Concrete batching machine decides the quality of concrete, even in the rainy season, the protection of concrete batching machine is also imperative. Although there is a little trouble to protect the concrete batching machine, we must implement a series of protective measures.
When it is rainy, if it doesn’t need to use the concrete batching machine,  it needs a tool to cover it up, although the surface area of concrete batching machine is large, it is not difficult to cover it up. It need to ensure the water doesn’t leak in the concrete batching machine. If concrete batching machine is needed in the rain, it will need to get a simple shed for it, as long as they can ensure concrete batching machine is not exposed to the rain, which is the most basic protection for concrete batching machine. The accuracy of concrete batching machine lies in the meter regulator, so it need to protect it well. The sensor and a handheld remote controller of concrete batching machine should be sealed with a plastic bag to prevent rain and moisture into the concrete batching machine to affect the metering accuracy. We should pay more attention to some places where is easy to rust, where it need to add lubricant, we should be timely to add lubricant, if it is found that some places are easy to rust, we should deal with them in a timely manner in order to avoid the rust to expand. If it needs to use the concrete batching machine in rainy day, then we must be promptly to clean it after use and wipe up it. Protecting the electrical connection parts of concrete batching machine to prevent it from damping. Some places will have rainy season, the rain will last for a long time, if your concrete batching machine is not used for a long time, in the humid weather, we suggest that you'd better turn around the machine for a while to prevent the machine from rust.
If you do the work in the above, we believe that after the rainy season, the working efficiency of your concrete batching machine will always be excellent!