Preparation before the start of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,12/19/2014
(1)Check the parts of concrete mixing plant. We should check the fixing and connection situations of parts before each start. And the stable parts should be firm and reliable, and the moving parts should be flexible without resistance.
(2) Check the fuel quantity of concrete mixing plant. The Shan volume in the fuel tank should be sufficient. If it is insufficient, we should add fuel after sedimentation and filtration.
(3)Open the oil-way of the concrete mixing plant. Open the oil valve on the pipeline, and open the injection pump and bleeder screws of the kerosene filter. And the air in oil-way should be discharged, and then check whether there is leakage phenomenon.
(4) Check the cooling water. When the water is insufficient, you should add some clean softener water, and check whether there is water leakage phenomenon.
(5) Check the engine oil of concrete mixing plant. Pull out the dipstick to check the oil storage. If the oil level height is less than the prescribed mark, we should add some oil. If the oil level height exceeds the prescribed mark, we should identify the reason for oil increasing, and solve it.
(6)The manual lubrication of concrete mixing plant can be started. We should add enough lubricating oil to the manual oiling position.
(7)Clean up the debris in the mixing plant. Check the surrounding and top of concrete mixing plant. If there is a tool or other debris, we should keep it well.
(8) The manual rotation. All the concrete mixing plant whose crankshafts can be stirred with human, we should turn many turn before starting. In this case, the lubrication condition of all friction parts can be improved, and the starting resistance also can be reduced. When we turn the crankshaft, the oil quantity control mechanism should be in stopping oil supply position, if there is a pressure decreasing mechanism, it should be placed in the decompression lun.