Some important problems of cement silo

Submitted by Anne,05/27/2015
First of all, I want to introduce it from the beginning of the surface of cement silo, the leg of cement silo is used to support the whole cement silo, which is mostly afraid of the deformation, it is difficult to support the entire cement silo once the deformation, so the manufacturers will take the legs do very firmly in the production, and users must be protected them from the collision of other objects to legs. Because the cement silo has been exposed in the air, the surface of cement silo is easy to corrosion and coating damage phenomenon, so the user should do the anti-corrosion work very well. After using it for a long time, you should paint them with large scale. In addition, when the screw conveyor in the process of conveying powder, it's easy to take grey phenomenon on the top of cement silo, so the user must regularly check the filter dust on the top of silo and take a regular cleaning.
Cement silo will also have the arching phenomenon during  the storage of materials, the broken arch device is also very important, so the broken arch device should be checked frequently; the dust remover on the top of silo is used to remove the dust in cement silo, which can help to solve a lot of faults of cement silo, so you should often check the dust separator and maintain it clean, and the material level gauge in cement silo is used to accurately measure the positions of the materials in the silo body. As we all know, the material level meter is more sensitive, more better, which can help users to better understand the material situation of cement silo, so the material level meter should be often repaired.