The advantages of JS series concrete mixer

Submitted by Anne,11/20/2014
Js concrete mixers are double horizontal axle forced mixers with two advantages of independent performance or forming simple concrete mixing plant with PLD series of batching machines. They can also offer matched main engine for mixing plants applicable to various sizes of precast plant as well as industrial and civil construction works roads, bridges, water works, and harbors. They can mix dry hard concrete, elastic concrete, flow concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars, high efficient and used very widely.
1.  Air purge multi seals at shaft ends
(1) Concealed recesses at shaft and metal seal to stop mortar  .
(2) Air purge at shaft so as to pressurize the sealing chamber and keep the slurry out.
2. Automatic multi pumps lubrication system
(1) The use of electronic motor at 380V supplies grease to the shaft ends promptly
(2) The use of NLGIⅡor NLGIⅢgrease gives best results.
(3) Special pump pin unit design supplies grease to the four mixing shaft seals. No more grease distributor maintenance troubles and improved working reliability.
3. Unique monitoring system
(1) Monitor oil level and temperature at gear reducer.
(2) Monitor oil level and temperature at hydraulic door opening.
(3) Monitor oil level of the autolubrication system.
(4) Remote control console showing the same with alarm at control room is optional.
4. Discharge door opening
(1) Advanced hydraulic door opening system to ensure smooth operation.
(2) Multi adjustable stopping positions to regulate the discharge flow, convenient for feeding to the truck mixer.
(3) Manual override in case of electric failure.
5. Reducer
Reducer and oil sealing system is made by Italy. And it runs at low noise and low temperature.