The advantages of concrete mixing plant in China

Submitted by Anne,12/30/2014

1. High reliability. Concrete mixing plant has developed for more than 10 years in China. Its development process is introduction, digestion, part of domestic, all domestic and improvement. It's very normal thing that the common concrete company general continuously produce 10000 cubic meters of concrete. The key components such as hosts, screw machine, main control performance and pneumatic element have been quite stable. For example, the mixing blade uses the high chromium and high manganese alloy wear resistant material unique, shaft bearing and sealing uses multiple sealing or airtight unique, this greatly improves the reliability of the host.
2. A higher degree of automation control. After 2002, many concrete company began to use 2 party hosts multiple parallel way, this reduced the waiting time of concrete transport vehicle. The control system is relatively advanced and stable, the degree of automation is generally high, and they can full automatically and long time continuous produce. The platform and computer monitor in the control room can reflect the image of the entire production process and each site situation, such as the cement standby condition of cement silo, aggregate storage bin in the aggregate reserve, aggregate concrete conveying and discharging conditions. Once some parts have problems, they can be found in the most short time, and resolved timely.
3. All mixing plants adopt the industrial computer control, which not only can automatically control, but also can adopt manual operation, and the operation is simple and convenient. Dynamic panel can display the running situations of each component, and can store a variety of data. What's more, it can print various statements according to requirement, and the storage formula can reach more than tens of thousands. The control room equipped with air conditioning can ensure the electrical components durable, performance stable and reliable. And control system basically adopts two ways, one is the double control forms, namely system composed of two sets of high performance industrial computer, one as the master production system, another one as management and monitoring system and the backup machine of master production machine. As the main control machine system has manual and automatic function, control machine and management machine share the same data. When the control machine has failure, the managing machine can work instead of the control machine, this can ensure the continually normal operation of system. Another one is composed of the industrial computer and batching control instrument. That is, the data of batching control instrument is input to the industry computer, through the board or PLC programmable controller output signal is performed, so as to ensure the continuous and normal operation of the system. You can set surveillance cameras in the host discharging port, proportioning station and other key components.
4. High production capacity. The current, the emergence of double parallel plants and multi parallel plants greatly improve the production capacity of each big concrete company, such as 2 sets of 120 parallel plant can make the annual production of concrete to increase to 600000 cubic meters, 3 parallel plants can be increased to 800000 cubic meters. In this case, the problem that the shortage of production capacity constraints the further development of the majority of the companies can be solved from the fundamental.