The advantages of small and fully automatic concrete mixing p

Submitted by Eliza,11/19/2015
Small concrete mixing plant has HZS25, 50, 35 and other models, the feeding method is divided into two kinds of manual feeding and automatic feeding, In order to save costs, some users choose the manual feeding, in fact, the artificial methods exist many drawbacks. In the following, I will analysis the defects of the artificial concrete mixing plant for you.
First of all, the non automatic concrete mixing plant is not controlled by the computer operating system, so it is inevitable to produce the incorrect additive. If the dosage is not allocated according to the prescribed proportion, the instability of the quantity of concrete will be caused. And the automatic concrete mixing plant will not appear this situation.
Next, when use the manual operation in the ingredients, it is easy to cause the waste of water, cement, fly ash or other additives and other raw materials, and the cost of manual operation is also large, although it saved equipment costs, it increased the extra money.
Finally, we know that there is much dust in concrete mixing plant site, it not only pollute the environment, but also it has a great threat to the health of the workers in the operation.
This shows that the advantages of using computer control, electronic weighing automatic concrete mixing plant will be greater than the manual operation of concrete mixing plant.