The characteristics of HZS120 concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,02/18/2016
We are not unfamiliar to HZS series concrete mixing plant, but we are unfamiliar to the large number of concrete mixing plant, especially the HZS120 concrete mixing plant. As a large number of concrete mixing plant, the biggest characteristic of HZS series concrete mixing plant is the large production capacity. The introduction of HZS120 concrete mixing plant:

HZS120 concrete mixing plant is composed of batching machine (PLD3200 concrete batching machine), concrete mixer (JS2000 double horizontal shaft forced type concrete mixer) and electric control (fully automatic control system). JS200 double axle forced type concrete mixer has good mixing quality and high efficiency. PLD3200 concrete batching machine has accurate measurement and high production efficiency. Control system (automatic control system, advanced control system) adopts the smallest batching control instrument in the world, which has a fault diagnosis system and can guide and help users to troubleshoot. The main components of electric control system are imported, which has reliable performance and is easy to operate, there are printing functions and air conditioning.

The production capacity of HZS120 concrete mixing plant, large size concrete mixing plant is 100 ~ 120 (concrete), which belongs to high yield in the HZS series large concrete mixing plant. All the powder in HZS series concrete mixing plant is in a closed state in the process of conveying, metering, and putting, which completely eliminate the dust emissions. So HZS120 concrete mixing plant is an ideal and commercial concrete mixing plant.