The correct demolition process of concrete batching plant

Submitted by Eliza,12/12/2015
Concrete batching plant is a base to sell concrete, there are a lot of large concrete batching plants and the demolition is less, and the main function of engineering concrete batching plant is self-reliance. So the end of a project, it will have the relocation of another project. As for concrete batching plant, the demolition of various machinery and equipment is also an essential job, how to dismantle it, we will have the specific analysis in the following.
First, before the demolition of concrete batching plant, we need to put all the power and control power off, After closing the power, we need to clean the residual material in mixer, batching machine, screw conveyor, cement storage and other equipment. After the washing, we need to arrange the various pipelines of equipment well, then remove the power supply, control power and all the control wires. After all the work is completed, inspect and clean the construction site and all the security tools must be inspected. 
The building and demolishing of concrete batching plant are all dangerous, so we need to ensure that all the work should be conducted under the guidance of professional, so as to ensure that the equipment is complete without missing and without affecting the start of the next project.