The installation details of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,09/14/2015
When users install the concrete mixing plant, details are often not attached importance to the users, the user's attitude is not correct. The details determine success or failure. This sentence is suitable for all walks of life. We will be here to introduce some details that the general users install concrete mixing plant.
Before installing, users should check all the installation equipment and installation tools whether they are complete and there are security risks, then install the program. When the concrete mixing plant is installed, the most important thing is to pay more attention to the safety, each employee must be equipped with a safety tool. We should ensure that there is no body near any equipment of the concrete mixing plant, especially below. When lifting there must be professional staff to direct it. The above security measures have been taken, then it can install the concrete mixing plant. When it is installing, we can check installation dimension and correct deviation randomly, any equipment of the concrete mixing plant should be connected firmly after lifting and after careful examination, the flange joint surface and the discharging pipe flange joint surface should be coated with sealed objects. When install weighing hopper, we should ensure the safety of the sensor, when install gas cap and valve, we must check firstly and the hose joints can not leak. When it is installing, each of the equipment of the concrete mixing plant should avoid collision, it should ensure that bolt nut and the welding place are firm. The above points are some of the small details about installing the concrete mixing plant introduced by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., ltd. If you pay more attention to these small details, you will solve a lot of trouble. I hope that what I said will help the majority of users!