The precautions of choosing concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,09/06/2015
1. According to the performance label of construction concrete to choose which kind of concrete mixer: For water conservancy projects, we must choose the compulsory concrete mixer. In addition, we can choose concrete batching station and aggregate bin according to the type of aggregate.
2. The task and construction period of construction concrete: Using these two parameters to choose the size of the concrete mixing plant. We also should consider the transport of finished concrete, such as the direct delivery or vehicle delivery. The volume of transport vehicles is also an important basis for deciding the model of the concrete mixing plant.
3. Construction environment and construction object: In the choice to buy concrete mixing plant, we should take full account of the construction object and construction environment, so as to ensure the smooth construction and construction quality.
4. The quality of the operator: Generally speaking, the structure of small mixing plant is simple, and the control system is also simple, so the personnel requirements of the operation and maintenance are lower while the structure of large mixing plant is complex, and the degree of automation is high, so the requirements of the operator is also higher. So you also should consider this article in addition to considering the above factors when you purchase the concrete mixing plant.
5. The selection of configuration: In general, the manufacturer has a mature product configuration, such as specifications, quantity, variety, etc.. You can put forward your special requirements when you order. We will try our best to meet your requirements. Please remember not to strive for all grandiose produces when you buy productions, thus it will cause unnecessary waste of economy. In addition, when you purchase the products, we should pay special attention to the configuration list of different manufacturers in addition to the reference of different manufacturers’ price. In addition to the above specifications, variety and quantity, the most important thing is the manufacturer of parts and components. From the foregoing, you can choose the most suitable models for you. Don't pursue the best one when choosing a model, but you should seek the most appropriate one which can meet your needs, because this choice is the most economical and effective.