The saving cement time of cement silo

Submitted by Anne,03/27/2015
Compared with other concrete storage container, cement silo has high performance price ratio, easy to use, high loading and unloading speed and other advantages, which has been favored by a large number of users.
Normally, in the situation of cement silo itself without quality problem, whether it is bulk cement silo or flaky cement silo, the most long preservation theory time of cement can reach 6~12 months, and every 3 months the storage cement should be checked by sampling.
But in the actual production, there is little concrete storage with so long time rather than special circumstances. General speaking, there are little  products produced by many mixing plant  manufacturers can be stored in cement silo for  more than a month, and the most are the production and sale of simultaneous
, that means while the concrete is  transported to the cement silo, the concrete will be  pull upward in the short time. It is worth noting, a prerequisite for above mentioned the storage long time can reach one month is the concrete products in the same grade.
If the concrete must be stored for a long-term, if it is found that the cement had problem in the quality inspection for every 3 months, you should immediately check the reasons of the problems, such as the common caking in bulk cement silo, welding gap damage of flaky cement silo, at the same time, you can sell by reducing a label for the cement with quality problems.