What damages to the cement silo caused by big wind?

Submitted by Anne,04/16/2015
1. Cement silo with full cement will appear the pillar strength damage under the wind.
2. Cement silo and the based appear the overturning failure under the wind.
3. Cement silo and the based appear the slip failure under the condition of wind load.
Today we will introduce the anti-wind measure of cement silo in the Northwest with much wind to you.
1. The bulk cement silo of concrete mixing plant adopts the pile foundation design, and the double mesh reinforcement in concrete, the thickness of base must reach 2m.
2. The reinforced concrete pile foundation design with length 15m, width 4m, and deep 4m is used under the pile.
3. Four legs should be increased around each bulk cement silo, legs adopt16# steel, the lower end is embedded in the foundation concrete, the buried depth should reach 2m, and it requires the upper should be welded with bulk cement silo, and it should adopt the double-sided welding. The weld seam length should be better controlled in 50cm, and they are all full welding. Each leg of bulk cement silo and a bulk cement silo use 16# channel steel to reinforce and as a whole.
4. Each bulk cement silo should have the reinforcement design respectively by 3 hawsers, and three root hawsers are arranged in triangular. Hawser uses the wire diameter 16, and set the hawser based. Hawser basis uses the diameter of 1mC30 concrete pile with foundation depth 2m, in the based of the hawser, a diameter of 20 steel rings should be embedded, the angle between the hawser and chamber is 45 ° to 60 °.