Environmental protection of commercial concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Anne,01/26/2015
Environmental protection of commercial concrete mixing plant equipment firstly require that you should produce the environmental protection concrete, at the same time, the amount of all emissions (gas,liquid, solid) and noise in the processing  should conform to the standards prescribed by country.
(1).The meaning of producing green environmental protection type concrete includes the use of bulk cement (China's annual savings of bagged wood for the more than 3000000 meters, saving about 4000000 tons of cement) and various admixtures (such as powder coal, mineral admixtures, addictives), which requires the concrete mixing plant (floor) need to equip with corresponding device and institutions;
(2). It must produce high performance concrete. High performance concrete contains high strength, high durability and high performance. This requires the plant, truck and pump in concrete machinery all have good adaptability and reliability;
(3). The production site of commercial concrete should create green, environmental protection, civilized condition, and we want to create a garden style unit with the beautiful environment of the green rate in more than 35%;
(4). The dust emissions. The largest material field and batching apparatus should use the fully closed bunker, and the high accuracy dust suction device should be equipped above the mixer;
(5). After the aggregate in the mixing truck, pump, pump truck and mixing plant (floor) is cleaned, it shall be capable of recycling, and the washing water can recycling or reuse after the neutralization process. In a word, try the best to achieve zero emissions of high alkaline water;
(6).The noise of concrete pump and cantilever crane pump vehicle in commercial concrete machinery is large, one kind of noise is from the engine itself; the second kind of noise is from the concrete distribution valve; the third kind of noise is from the pressure shock of the hydraulic system. Their composite noises are the main influence factors. In order to reduce the complex noise, we should take measures to reduce the noise of the three, reduce the commutation frequency, increase the absorb efficiency of concrete, and improve the pressure continuous feeding of concrete in pipeline. What's more, we should also prevent the pipe blockage. In this case, the noise can be obviously reduced.