What are the serious faults of concrete mixing plant

Submitted by Eliza,01/25/2016
Concrete mixing plant will have different failures, some of the failures are so serious that we have to pay special attention, these failures seriously affect the function of production so that the performance indicators of the production can not reach the requirements, these failures are:
1.The stirring motor is burnt.
2.The shovel of forced concrete mixer is broken.
3.The bearing of host of the concrete mixing plat is broken so that cause the seal failure.
4.The gear shaft parts of the concrete mixing plant and the transmission system of the lifting mechanism are broken.
5.The belt of belt conveyor in concrete mixing plant is broken.
6.The chain of bucket type lifting machine fractured.
7.The steel wire rope of hopper lifting mechanism is broken, which made the hopper stopped and the feeding rack seriously deformed and damaged.
8.The noise is too large and dust concentration is too high.
9.Computer control system failed. The movement is disorder, it need to replace the important electronic components.
If your concrete mixing plant has the above several failures, please be sure to stop and repair it, replace the main parts of the external or open the body to replace the internal important parts.