Belt type concrete mixing plant

Our belt type concrete batching plant has powerful driving system. Belt concrete mixing plant is well suited for large volume concrete consumption works with high output in a short time.

Our  belt type concrete bathing plant includes some types of HZS series concrete mixing plant, such as HZS60, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150 and HZS180. Compared with other types of concrete mixing plants, it is characterized by its driving system, which adopts planetary gear to feed the aggregates into the mixer and the gimbals transmission shaft ensures circumgyrate at the same speed. That is to say, the belt concrete mixing plant conveys cement, coal ash and other aggregate continuously through belt conveyor. It is equipped with JS series concrete mixer which give the concrete mixing plant equipment powerful mixing capacity.

Why belt type concrete batching plant?
1. With over ten years' manufacturing experience, Pioneer is your trustworthy partner
2. Belt conveyor system ensures high efficiency and continuously aggregates feeding
3. Twin shaft compulsory mixer as the concrete mixing system offers excellent mixing performance
4. PLC intelligent control system facilitates the operation drastically
5. Precise weighing sensors guarantee the weighing accuracy
6. Dust collecting system and anti-noise design achieves the purpose of environmental protection

How to install belt type concrete mixing plant? What safety problems should concrete mixing plant users take care?
The followings are some belt type concrete mixing plant installation tips:
Before installing belt type concrete batching plant, there need be one  professional security staff who must master some knowledge of safety. Before installation, belt concrete mixing plant users need check every installation tools. If find hidden dangers, then solve these potential safety hazards as soon as possible.
Each of installation personnel must wear safety helmet and wear antiskid shoes. For workers who work high above the ground, they need fasten safety belt. People are forbidden to stand under any hoisting equipments. If not for safety needs, when install the belt type concrete mixing plant, it is forbidden for people to stand on belt conveyor. There must have safety signs for the dangerous machines. Electric source also can not be ignored  in the installation. Installation personnels must take care the electric source. It is not allowed to plug in the concrete batching plant to run the machine, thus bring risks.

Our belt concrete mixing plant is well suited for large and medium construction projects, such as water conservancy, electric power station, railway, tunnel and airport construction, etc.

Specifications of belt type concrete mixing plant

Type Productivity(m3/h) Mixer types Mixer volume(m3) Batching machine Batching accuracy(%) Discharging height(m)
Aggregate Water Cement Additive
HZS60 60 JS1000 1 PLD2400 ≤± 2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS90 90 JS1500 1.5 PLD2400 ≤± 2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS120 120 JS2000 2 PLD3200 ≤± 2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS150 150 JS3000 3 PLD4800 ≤± 2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS180 180 JS3500 3 PLD4800 ≤± 2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
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