Commercial concrete mixing plant

Our commercial concrete mixing plant is well suited for projects that need large volume commercial concrete. With different sizes, you can choose one that suited your requirements. In addition, it is easy to operate and economic to maintenance.

Our HZS series commercial concrete mixing plant is designed and developed through absorption of international advanced mixing technology. We purchased well known brand components domestically and abroad to match the commercial concrete batching plant. In addition, the maintenance is economic and easy. The whole set takes the advantage of fast and easy installation with features of stability and reliability in running.

Commercial concrete mixing plant made by Zhengzhou Pioneer Machinery Co., Ltd has such advantages:
1. Outstanding environment protection performance:
The weighing, feeding, mixing and discharging of powder materials run in closed situation, which greatly reduce negative effect of dust and noise to environment.

2. Excellent mixing performance:
Commercial concrete batching plant adopts twin horizontal shaft mixer which has powerful mixing capability.

3. Easy operation:
Commercial concrete batching plant uses computer to control the whole plant both automatically and manually. So it is easy to operate the commercial concrete mixing plant. Commercial concrete batching plant uses dynamic display to show the situation of every component in operation and timely solve problems.

4. Accurate weighing:
Commercial concrete batching plant uses quality components for weighing and controlling raw materials.

5. Excellent maintenance:
There are platforms and ladders at every service and maintenance position with sufficient space to observe and operate.



Why commercial concrete mixing plant?
1. International leading level mixing plant with high efficiency
2. Modular structure makes it easy to transport and install
3. High reliable PC+PLC control system
4. Cost effective and easy maintenance
5. It is optional to use skip hopper or belt conveyor feeding system
6. Well suited for project that consumpts large quantity of commercial concrete

HZS series commercial concrete mixing plant is widely used to produce commercial concrete, as belt type concrete batching plant, it applies to water conservancy, electric power station, railway, tunnel, dam construction projects.

Specification of commercial concrete mixing plant

Type Thoughput rate Type of mixer Volume of mixer(m3) Batching machine Batching accuracy(%) Discharging height(m)
Aggregate Water Cement Additive
HZS25 25 JS500 0.5 PLD800 ≤±2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS35 35 JS750 0.75 PLD1200-III ≤±2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS50 50 JS100 1 PLD1600-IV ≤±2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS60 60 JS1000 1 PLD2400-IV ≤±2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS90 90 JS1500 1.5 PLD2400-III ≤±2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8
HZS120 120 JS2000 2 PLD3200-IV ≤±2 ≤±1 ≤±1 ≤±1 3.8

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