Our main products include concrete mixer, concrete batching plant, mobile concrete batching plants etc.

  • HZS60 concrete batching plant
  • HZS60 concrete batching plant
  • HZS60 concrete batching plant
  • HZS60 concrete batching plant
  • HZS60 concrete batching plant

HZS60 concrete batching plant

Features of HZS60 concrete batching plant: 1.Adopt modular structure ,installation and relocation is very convenient. 2.Using JS double shaft concrete mixer with PLD series concrete batching machine, accurate measurement and mixing of



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Features of HZS60 concrete batching plant:

1.Adopt modular structure, installation and relocation is very convenient.

2.Using JS double shaft concrete mixer with PLD series concrete batching machine, accurate measurement and mixing of good quality and high production efficiency.

3.It can produce various kinds of concrete including quaking concrete and hard concrete, with high produce efficiency,

4.The overall structure is compact and fashionable, the layout is reasonable

5.The operation is safe and reliable, its more easy to maintain


Model HZS60 HZS90 HZS120 HZS180
Mixing Plant Theoretical productivity 60m3/h 90m3/h 120m3/h 180m3/h
Discharging Height 4.2m 4.2m 4.2m 4.2m
Installation Capability 108.8kw 153.5kw 213kw 264kw
Mixing System Mixer Model JS1000 JS1500 JS2000 JS3000
Power 37kw 2*30kw 74.9 110.9
Charge Capacity 1600L 2400L 3200L 4200L
Discharge Capacity 1000L 1500L 2000L 3000L
Material Diameter (pebble/gravel) 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm 60-80mm
Aggregate Batching System Batching machine Model PLD2400-II PLD3200-I PL3200 PL4800
Storage Hopper Capacity 3*12m3 4*15m3 4*18m3 4*25m3
Accuracy ±2% 4*2.4m3 4*3.2m3 4*4.8m3
Powder Storage System Detachable Silo Model 2*100/160T 3*100T 4*100T 4*200T
Conveying System Screw Conveyor Model LSY219 LSY273 LSY273-12 LSY273-12
Size(Diameter*Length) 219mm*9m LSY273 LSY273-12 LSY273-12
Belt Conveyor Model B800 B800 B1000 B1200
Size(Width*Length) 800mm*
Weighing System Cement Scales 600kg 800kg 1200kg 1800kg
Water Scales 300kg 400kg 500kg 700kg
Additive Scales 30kg 70kg 70kg 70kg
Fly ash Scales 400kg 400kg 500kg 850kg
Measurement Precision ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Air Supply System Air Compressor
Electric Control System PLC control system,control console,weak&heavy current regulator

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